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◼ Developer

Is the Book Better?

Is the Book Better website showing a movie and book comparison

Compare books and their movie versions - 20231

React / API / JavaScript / CSS / HTML

High Card / Low Card

The High Card Low Card website showing the game window

Card game - 2023

React / API / JavaScript / CSS / HTML

Hot Dog Bot

The hot dog bot web project showing the hot dog chat window

Quiz style chat bot - 20232

Firebase / JavaScript / SASS / CSS / HTML


The Pokéquote web project showing a quote and a Pokémon

Inspirational quotes and Pokémon - 2023

API / JavaScript / CSS / HTML

Shoe Kloset

The Shoe Kloset website home page

All about shoe culture - 20232

JavaScript / SASS / CSS / HTML

◼ Product Design / Project Manager

Nudie Community Trait Shop

A screenshot of the Nudie Community trait shop showing the shop area

NFT trait-swapping & staking portal - 2022

1In collaboration with Steve Sidoli, Allan Viveiros, & Tyler Wyles
2In collaboration with Jigme Hara
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First Press

Finland '81

CD '83